The Yaesu Lineup

When I stated out in the hobby, the folks I learned from where all using Yaesu, and thus recommended that I “go Yaesu” as well. I had no reason to think differently, and so that is where I find myself today, 5 years later.

Over the course of these years I have invested in my radio equipment slowly, but I do believe I am at a place now where I have everything I need 😉 . Yes, I am done.

Here is how I am outfitted as of today:

  • 2014 – Ft-8800 – Dual band mobile in my truck
  • 2016 – Ft-857d – All band 100watt rig for camping and portable
  • 2018 – Ft-817 – All band QRP rig for lightweight portable and SOTA
  • 2018 – Ft-991a – All band 100watt rig in the shack for VHF/UHF & HF
  • 2019 – Ftdx-3000d – All band 100watt rig in the shack with SDRPlay2 as the workhorse for all HF bands and modes

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