September Journal

September 21 -  MFJ-1708B SDR transmit/receive switch is back ordered 🙁

September 19 - A crazy month so far...

Here we are past the middle of the month and I have several projects up in the air.  This is partially because I have taken a new position in InfoSec at work, and mostly because I had knee surgery.  As I update my journal my leg is on ice in a straight knee brace recovering from a full ACL replacement and a meniscus repair.  Needless to say I am going to be layed up for awhile - at least 2 weeks till I can get approval to bend my knee and start PT.

With that said I have a Raspberry PI project half complete and I have an SDR project purchased and in route to me shipping.

Raspberry Pi Project - the pi project is going to be a wireless network scanner I will keep in my attic.  Its a pretty easy setup but I wanted to get a fresh Raspian image on the pi3 before I started.  Then all is left is to get VNC & SSH configured (done), and get the high gain 2.4ghz high gain antenna setup.  I also need to reserve the IP address of the pi in my router's DHCP scope so that I have a consistent IP and I don't have to worry about "finding it" after it reboots.  However, now that my knee is immobile it will have to wait awhile before I get in the attic 🙂

Software Defined Radio - the SDR project is going to give me panadapter capabilities on my Yaeusu FT-991 radio.  Essentially, I am introducing to the shack an SDRPlay RSP2 along with an MFJ-1708B SDR transmit/receive switch to give me all the SDR goodies I want.  I'll be able to use my OCF dipole antenna and SEE signals across the full band I am working on my PC and will be able to transmit from the Ft-991 without having to switch away from or isolate the SDR.  A pretty simple but should be just what I want.  Will update and do a full blog post once the equipment arrives...

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