I have been thinking about the “final” piece of equipment for the ham shack. I wanted to have 2 radios in the shack for lots of flexibility (i.e. VHF/UHF at the same time as HF mainly). I’ve consulted with the band of misfits in the EVQRP group quite a bit, and after a fair amount of conversations and research (mostly with Jay/N1RWY), I’ve decided to go with the FTDX-3000.

The choice was mainly in the theme of “buy once cry once”. The 3000 is full of bells and whistles, but the main selling point for me was the receiver technology. Now I wont pretend to describe the benefits here (Since I would be pretending I know what I am talking about), but I know enough to say that by buying this radio vs. say the ftdx1200 (which could almost be upgraded to the point of the 3000), I am getting into a very high end receiver that is worth the spend. So -> I made the decision to wait a little while longer, save, sell a radio to raise some cash, and then spend a little more $ and get into the higher end.

While waiting for HRO to ship from Portland, I decided to prep the shack for the arrival.

The first thing I did was to draw out the landing of the radio into the shack, to include the location, the coax, ground wire, and USB connections I needed for digital and SDR as well as the integration of the Win10 Desktop and SDRPlay RSP2 box.

Then it as a matter of routing cables and labeling in order to keep things organized.

This prep-work really did help for when the FTDX-3000 did arrive a few days later. It was literally plug and play. (um, and reading the manual…)

I am actually still reading the manual… 😉 But operating as well…