This past weekend I ventured to improve my Off Center Fed Dipole (OCF) on my home in my wonderful HOA restricted community. My goal was really 2 fold:

1. Replace the Ni4L 1.5kw OCF with a lighter weight, more stealth 100watt solution. This would mean primarily a smaller balun and thinner (white) wire.

2. Get the antenna higher so that it will clear the rooftop and not be so deaf to the south.

The existing OCF was only about 16″ away from the roof apex and was below the roofline making it totally deaf to the South. And it had some coupling with the stucco (chicken wire) construction of the house.

The parts I needed were pretty simple:

  • A 4:1 balun capable of 100watts
  • 100′ of white 24 gauge wire
  • white electrical tape
  • white spray paint
  • 7′ long fiberglass gardening stake

I wanted everything white so it will “disappear” against the Arizona sky (well sort of, but it was at least going to be better).

Not withstanding the initial issues I had measuring and getting the OCF dipole legs cut correctly (took me waaaaay longer than it should have), the project went in as I had hoped.

OCF now much further away from the house and clearing the roof top
This is the view while I was standing on the top of the patio cover
(yes I was up and down the ladder at least 39 times, lol)

The antenna now has much better receive capability. What a difference a few feet UP HIGHER and OUT FARTHER has made!