Knee Surgery

What does knee surgery have to do with Ham radio?  Well, not much with the exception that I hope that while I am tied up at the house and not able to drive that I can have more time in the chair making contacts on the radio.  As of today, 3 days after surgery, that is not yet the case.  I pretty much have just been able to keep up with work, and not much else.

I went in for a Meniscus repair and “possible” ACL surgery.  Well the possible became a reality.  After the procedure, while I was still unconscious, my wife asked the surgeon how bad the ACL was.  He said, “its either torn in half or its not”.  That’s as clear as an answer I’ve gotten thus far.  Follow up with the doc is in 2-weeks, maybe I’ll get more detail then.

For now, my left leg is blown up like the elephant man and pain comes and goes.  Sleeping is rough so far.  I’m mostly just stir crazy already, and dying to get out of the house.  I’ve got several half-done projects in the garage I’m dying to get back to as well.  Its gonna be a long 2 weeks, but hopefully I can find some time for some radio while on the mend.

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