Generator decisions…

May 28th:  I re-worked my old generator compartment this weekend to move my solar charger and ac inverter out of the way, and re-made the simple shelf to be slightly larger and to have a mounting strap for the new generator.  It will work for our 18yr old RV and will get the job done of providing clean quiet power.  I am going to call this project done.


May 25th:  After more research I decided to go with the Westinghouse 2500watt inverter generator.  I mainly did this based on the fact that after testing, the 3500watt gens wont power my AC unit and they are about 100lbs.  Not worth it to me to lug around a 100lb unit for no real value.  The Westinghouse will provide enough power for my 1800watt microwave while powering other stuff –  It will get the job done and is only 48lb.  Plus this unit has some nice features such as an LCD display and a compact package.

May 18th:  Okay, feedback from the wife is that the generator must have a remote start key fob.  Though it limits our choices, I have to agree.  Provided this thing will power our AC unit, this is the contender as of today:  Champion 3500-Watt Remote Start

I’ve been back and forth on getting a generator for the RV.  Long story short is that our 20yr old RV’s generator died and we junked it.  Now we need a gennie that will power two 1300btu A/Cs along with the other power hungry devices we like to glamp with.

I made the decision not to spend the $5000 bucks to get a replacement 6500watt RV generator installed into our coach.  Just too much money to put into a 20yr old RV.

So, to accept the trade offs, and determine alternatives…

Without the onboard integrated RV generator we wont be able to push start from inside the RV, run the roof A/Cs while driving (that requires the generator to be running), nor have the generator just use the RV’s fuel tank.  Just have to accept these realities.

Now, what alternative?

We will go with an inverter generator so we get cleaner power and we get a quieter solution.  Just need to determine which one and where to “mount it”.

I’d been leaning toward the Harbor Freight 3500watt Inverter Generator due to solid reivews and it being super quiet, but I dont think its quite enough power for us.  So, I am now leaning toward the Briggs and Stratton Q6500 Quiet Power so that we dont wind up in an “under-powered” situation.  Especially because our RV has 2 x 13000btu A/C units which will require about 2000watts each to run

As for the mounting… I am probably going to inquire about having a local machine shop (Magma Engineering) fabricate a mount that will allow me to store and travel with this generator where the old generator used to be installed.  The big question is how will I remove a 150lb generator from that spot to then run it?  more to investigate…


2 thoughts on “Generator decisions…”

    1. The generator didn’t produce any RF noise, which was great. Its practically a Honda lol. Ya, as for the AC… I was going to need a large (5000+watts) in order to run our dual 15000btu AC system. And I didnt want to be lugging something that big around all the time. Soooo.. the wife and I decided that when we camp and it is hot (so summer camping) we will camp where there are hookups OR we will borrow/rent a larger generator. We also have the ability to couple a second generator with this one bringing us to 4000watts so that is an option. In the end, we do most of our camping when the AC isnt usually needed. We’ll see how it goes.

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