I heard it could happen. I “sorta” knew the risks when I bought an old/used FT-817. Well, it happened. I was monkeying with my new Minipa50 amp and the Ft-817 and I must have pushed the finals too hard with the high SWR and they went poof. I almost wish there was a puff of smoke or something “celebratory”. But nope, just one minute I had power out, then next minute ZERO power out. At first I thought the in-line SWR/Power meter was failing. I wish that was the case now. Nope. The finals gave up the ghosts.

Everything in me wanted to say the heck with this and go buy a brand new FT-818. I actually went and surfed HRO and Gigparts to see what they were going for. But I paused, and I reached out to another ham for a voice of reason (and a voice of much more electronics/technical competence than my own) and he talked me back from the edge of the cliff. He said spend the $100 bucks and send it Yaesu and have it repaired. A much better choice than spending the $675 bucks on the new 818. Hes said, “unless of course the 6watts you get with the FT-818 over the 5watts of the FT-817 was worth the extra $575. Made me laugh and just chill and start the process to send the unit in for repair.

Good bye 817. See you in a month or so…

0 watts of power out, meh