Buddipole visit

I had a business trip to Hillsboro Oregon this month; and while there,  I decided to try and visit Buddipole to check things out.

I first learned about Buddipole gear from my friends at the EVQRP Club park gatherings.  I suppose the primary Buddipole zealot has been Rick/W9JRF, though most of us now have at least some Buddipole gear.  Rick faithfully sets up his Buddipole (+ assorted expansions & accessories) in the park and makes contacts – typically on 20m or 40m.  I wanted to start bringing gear out to the park and agreed with the recommendation that diving into the Buddipole system was a good way to go.  Start small and grow over time.

I started out with the Buddistick basic kit. It worked fine, and actually on my first day out at the park, with the Buddistick on 20m, I was calling CQ and made a contact with Budd/W3FF the original inventor of the Buddipole system.  So that was a great contact to make.  In fact, several of the EVQRP club members have made contacts with Budd over the years – and have done it from Buddipole antennas.  There is something just cool about that.

After using the stick for awhile – I realized that I wanted more options to play with and I dove into the Buddipole deluxe system and a variety of accessories.  Mounts, Arms, Whips, Coils, etc.  My latest build being the 2-element 6 meter Yagi – which performs quite well.

Anyway, that is the backstory on using Buddipole gear.

So, while in Hillsboro I shot an email over to Chris/W6HFP at Buddipole (I’ve traded emails with him before on purchase recommendations since he provides pre-post sales support as well) and he was very accommodating to allow me to come by and do a meet and greet and show me around (during his very busy day).  It was great to see the facility and chat with Chris about the business operations and a few of his new products which are nearing production.  While I was there one of his team was testing out a new tripod and (in the pic)- which appears very well built and has some great features for convenience and flexibility in the field.  I’m going to be one watching for when this new tripod is ready for shipping and will likely be picking one up for camping and park outings.

Anyway – Huge THANKS to Chris for giving me the tour and showing me some of the prototype products, for sitting and chatting with me about radio and trading stories about the hobby, and about the business side of operating a small/growing business.  Keep up the good work, thanks for the hospitality,  and thanks for the excellent products!

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