When the FTDX-3000 arrived I knew I needed to do something about the headset situation. I have a nice Heil Pro-set 6 headset/mic that I have been using on my FT-991, but I wanted to have a headset on the 3000 as well. I considered buying another headset but that shouldn’t be necessary, and would set me back some $$.

I bought the MFJ-1263 2MIC to 2RIG switchbox and tried to get it to work. In the end, it was a pretty expensive little box that really didn’t work that well for me. After talking with MFJ on the phone, they concluded it wasn’t working right and that I should return the defective part, which I did.

I really only needed to be able to use one headset/mic with two radios. Not very complicated. So after some googling.. or for me its more like “amazon’ing”, I landed on a little $22 Nobsound 3.5mm switchbox which did the trick nicely. 1 headset/mic with A/B switch to 2 outputs. Also, a cool feature on this switch is that it also has a “speaker out” port that you can switch to. Very nice little plus. There you have it, There you go.